Weekend Tarot Reading -- Sunday, May 1, 2016
“The Eight of Cups helps you to know, in that heart of hearts of yours, the one true path you were seeking in the Seven. It encourages you to turn and search it out; it encourages you not to stay where you are for long. Your work here is done. The card speaks of “Failure” but there’s an invitation to consider “failure” in a different light from the one we tend to default to: eight_cups_hanged_man_death_haindl_smIt is not you who is a failure. Nor is anyone else. It is simply a situation that has failed. It is worn down, worn thin, worn out. The wear and tear of a particular way of feeling, of an emotional approach or assumption. Consider the concept of “failure” when it no longer has to be accompanied by shame or humiliation. It is a neutral description of a particular state. It isn’t about “should’ve” and “could’ve.” It also assists you in reaching a greater understanding of where it is that you are in your life, with yourself, and with others. It does this by creating the conditions that bring you into the realm of the card at centre, The Hanged Man." Read more here: http://members.planetwaves.net/weekend-tarot-reading-sunday-may-1-2016/