Weekend Tarot Reading -- Sunday, April 24, 2016
“On the individual level, the Devil … silence can suggest secret desires. These may be sexual desires, but they also may be desires for a different life, or for more passion in a life that has become dull. Often we do not know our own desires. Habit and fear and social conditioning hide them from our conscious awareness. In order to reach the total awareness shown in the later trumps , we need to explore the dark areas of ourselves.” The Haindl Tarot — The Major Arcana> seven_cups_devil_seven_wands_haindl_smAt the centre of this week’s reading sits The Devil. To the left and the right are two Seven cards; alternatives; a choice point, if you can take a moment to gather your wherewithal to know that you do, indeed, have a choice. It’s not a choice between The Devil and something else. The Devil is here regardless. The choice is in how you choose to approach The Devil and what it means — and how it can be applied in your life. So let’s get a clearer idea of what The Devil means in the context of this reading, and what it does not mean. Clarity is nothing if not focussed intention, and here your intention is your great ally in a reading that is entirely liberating at its core. It is, in effect, the liberation of you. Read more here: http://members.planetwaves.net/weekend-tarot-reading-sunday-april-24-2016/