Weekend Tarot Reading -- Sunday, April 17, 2016
empress_six_cups_queen_cups_haindl_sm"The feminine isn’t some sexualised add-on — known primarily for her fertility and her Playboy-esque buxomness that emphasises tits and ass over substance. The feminine is not simply some statue to add to our altars, without embracing her wholly in our hearts. She isn’t some frippery that frills out what it means to be driven in a driven world — some motherly respite and haven from the legitimate business of going out and getting things done; of being taken seriously. This feminine — this wholistic, all-shade celebration of the feminine — means business. But it is business in her own way.
So if your business — whether professional, familial, financial, intimate — somehow feels slighted, or insignificant; if you feel like what you are embodying in your lunar, watery, intuitive, sexually independent and aflame, creative, cyclical femininity is not taken seriously — no matter what sex or gender you are — then it is time to look at the figures of The Empress and the Queen of Cups and hear what they have to say to you."
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