The Tarotcast - Week of October 31, 2016


The cards have spoken, and I trust that what they have to say is what you most need to know.

I picked up my Röhrig deck this morning to do the reading - I had not used it since last week's Tarotcast, and the three cards from that reading (Knight of Disks, Ace of Swords, Ace of Disks) were on top of the deck, with the Knight uppermost, looking out at me. The rest of the deck was facing the other way underneath them. I took the three cards and put them at the bottom of the deck, now facing the same way as the others. I set my three intentions - the ones with which I start every Tarotcast. I cut the deck and riffle-shuffled once, gathered the deck together, and picked it up to cut and shuffle again. Three cards remained on the table in front of me, fanned out, face down. I turned them over, and there they were again - last week's cards, now in reverse order: Ace of Disks, Ace of Swords, Knight of Disks. Of course, I reasoned to myself that it would be highly likely that if three cards remained after the riffle shuffle, they would be these. But the point is that they *did* remain, just those three - and the way I work is that I take the three cards that present themselves, without question - whether by shuffling, cutting, selecting a part of the cut deck, and then laying them out; or by having cards select themselves in some way. Except this time, against my better intuitive judgement, I *did* question, and decided (again against my better intuitive judgement) to gather the cards up, re-shuffle, and that if I was supposed to go back to the original three cards, that this would be made clear to me. I reshuffled three times, cut the deck, turned the first card over. The Knight of Disks. So there you go, folks. The message is clear: go back to last week, read the reading again, and know that it is still active, and it still has something to say to you.

"You da BOSS!"

Time to re-visit, to continue your enquiry, to stay present with the potentials inherent in what is happening right now. ~ Sarah Here is the link to last week's reading: