The Tarotcast - Week of October 24, 2016

"You da BOSS!"

Not particularly genteel, I know, but those were the words that came to me when I saw the three cards I'd drawn for this week's reading, especially the Knight of Disks.
knight_disks_ace_swords_ace_disks_rohrig_sm Knight of Disks, Ace of Swords, Ace of Disks from The Röhrig Tarot, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
And they feel right. "You da BOSS!" And if you don't feel like "da boss," then something in you is quickening to help you not simply say it, or act it, but to BE it. And when you are da boss, it will be an authentic expression of who you are as an individual, and not simply some assumed guise that rumples like a nylon suit, edging further up your ass as you try and walk your talk, a chafing pointer that, no, you don't have to pretend and you don't have to lie to yourself about who you are either.

You can take charge and still be you.

So let's take a closer look at the set-up. On the left is the Knight of Disks, the senior, directed, focussed principle of Disks, or Earth, or the material world. (To be a Knight in this deck is to be a King in, say, the Rider-Waite Smith deck.) To the right of the Knight are two Aces: the Ace of Swords - the pure, limitless potential of Air, or Mind - and the Ace of Disks - the pure, limitless potential of Earth, or Matter. Mind and Matter. Mind with Matter, as opposed to "mind over matter". And the Knight of Matter next to them, looking at you - while you look back at the Knight. Welcome to the mirror of Tarot, oh Knight. So, if the Knight reflects the presence of an aspect of you that is quickening, or constellating, inside you, what does that aspect feel like, and what does it look like? I've already given you some hints. First, don't be put off by the word "masculine" that I'm going to use here. It does not mean "man" but is a label to convey a set of attitudes or behaviours. You could just as easily use the word "yang," and if that feels better then I encourage you to use it. The Knight represents the masculine aspect of Disks as it is expressed through you, "masculine" here being synonymous with action, drive, single-mindedness, focus. It is the enactment of authority in the Knight's particular realm - in this case Disks, or Matter, or anything experienced by the five senses. In particular with the Knight of Disks it is acknowledging that matter extends as much to the earth as it does to money, and vice versa. The Knight of Disks understands that both hold potential value, and he has a relationship with them that, in his highest expression, is balanced. He creates wealth, but is not enslaved by it. He has a duty to the material world, but does not forget his authority in enacting that duty. And that material world is not an end in itself, but a means to an end (which is the balance between spirit and matter) and that everything holds both. The Knight is not "fire of earth" (spirit/Wands of matter/Disks) for nothing. Rather he is "fire of earth" for everything. So that's quite a big call. How does it reflect on the more personal scale of your life? Here are some suggestions:
  • Taking charge of your money and your belongings.
  • Finding the balance between consumption and nurturing - both yourself and your environment.
  • Healing your relationship to the physical world, including your attitudes to money.
  • Exploring ideas around possessions and possessiveness.
  • Growing up and assuming authority - not just over your 'things' but over your life.
  • Adopting an attitude of mature, focussed determination in achieving the goals that you set yourself - and those goals may be internal as well as external, e.g. the goal of healing yourself.
See how it works? See how the Knight can manifest? He is fiery - think: creative and passionate - and he is earthy - think: steady, grounded. Quite the balancing act. But he has such opposing forces in him because he is the Knight. As the mature masculine/yang principle of Disks, he can hold the tension of opposites and create something meaningful from them. So, what of the Aces next to him? These represent the resources that are available to him in his quest - the resources available to you in your quest, in other words. The key word here is "available." They are not a given; they are not going to land slap-bang in your lap and they are not going to come with a set of instructions. If you find yourself wanting either of these, then you are not embodying the Knight, and it's a good reminder to continue to step up into him, even when you don't want to, even when you don't know quite how to do it, even as you long for someone to come and rescue you from yourself and tell you what to do.

Healer: heal thyself. You da BOSS!

So, what do you have available to you that you can use on your journey to become kingly, or knightly, over your material world? You have the Ace of Swords: wisdom, insight, discernment, truth - your truth - and the ability to cut away what is no longer relevant, and cut and reveal the kernel of what is. Careful: this is a sharp blade. Very sharp. A slip (of the tongue), a careless whisper, and it can be ouch! And not just for someone else. This is a double-bladed sword. For good or for ill, you have a handle on the truth. It's right there if you reach for it as the Knight. You also have the Ace of Disks (which has appeared twice already this month, on October 3 and on October 10): wealth, riches, "success," the potential to create something successful in your world. Hugely successful - in whatever terms you define "success." You also have the potential to create something of astounding irrelevance, a folly, a drain on resources, a spectacular failure, because the potential is high for whatever you are reaching for to come through - even if only at first. But, again, you can step into the Knight in a way that feels entirely authentic to you, and then you have the means to work beautifully and elegantly with the potentials that both of these Aces extend to you. When you are the Knight, you are not only able to walk that path between creativity and materiality, forging something earthy in the flames of the kiln like a potter shaping something useful into existence. You also know when this is going to serve you and when it is not (courtesy of the Ace of Swords):

You got to know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em. / Know when to walk away; know when to run.

Because, in a way, this is a gamble. You're taking a chance because you're bringing something through that isn't yet here, and you're applying your powers of discernment in ways you possibly haven't before. And you're growing up. Can you feel it? Because the one element that's missing in this reading of fire, air, and earth, is water: your feelings, your emotional guides to what is emerging in you that you might not be able to fully own yet. There's that quickening - in your subtle body, in your sensations, in your heart. Fucking scary, yes?

"Pfft!" says the Knight. "Tell me something I don't know. I'm terrified nearly all the time. And you know what? It is not going to stop me.

"Now, if you please, I need some space. I have things to do."

Astrology Correspondences: Knight of Disks (the fiery aspect of Earth), Ace of Swords (the pure, limitless potential of Air), Ace of Disks (the pure, limitless potential of Earth)