The Tarotcast - Week of November 7, 2016

Right. You have a bit of a balancing act to achieve here, if you want to get where you're going.

You're shifting from one place and into another; you're closer to solving a puzzle. You might even be making a geographical relocation. One thing is certain: something is in motion, whether an idea, a plan, or a removal truck.
four_disks_six_swords_prince_swords_rohrig_sm Four of Disks, Six of Swords, Prince of Swords from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
The trick that falls to you is to bring two very different states to bear on your situation. You have a desire and a drive to lay down the law, and to hold your ground on something. But not so much that you ignore the voice of rebellion that is also moving up through you and wanting its say, and willing to break you free. Where is the productive middle ground? Or, more accurately: what new thing or experience can you synthesise from both of these forces? That is this week's reading in a nutshell. Shall we crack it open some more and see what else is being offered up from this particular kernel of truth? The three cards this week are all from the Minor Arcana, and one of them is a Court Card. This means that: a) you're dealing with how things play out in the perceptible details of your life - in particular in your physical world and with all things material (Disks), and in the realm of your mind (Swords); and b) you are being asked to notice a particular persona that is active, whether in you or someone else or both, and which holds the key to freeing yourself from a situation that has felt constricting and compromising of your freedom. In your physical life, you are experiencing the Four of Disks. Power. More specifically, your perceived right to that power, your wielding of it, and your holding on to it and exercising it in a way that is both balanced, and masterful. The Four of Disks is a strong card. Fours are strong numbers. They can shoulder a lot - a bit like a table, one leg at each corner: solid, enduring. You are like that table in an area of your material/physical life: you're stable, you're the king/queen of the castle. The thing with Fours, though, is that they can sometimes get a little stodgy, particularly when you're dealing with Disks, the densest of the four suits. There's not much movement, and that can get staid, and confining. So many rules, so many regulations! It can also get isolating and lonely. Safe in your fortress, you feel you have to stay there in order to maintain the solidity of your status quo. But is it really true power if you can't move freely? Does real power require you to stay where you are? How much - or rather how little - are you trusting that power is capable of flexibility, and that it will move with you when you move? Because at some point, you've got to get up out of that chair. And this might be how you do it: On the right, you are having a personal encounter with the Prince of Swords. He may appear to you as someone in your life, but that will almost certainly be due to their ability to mirror similar qualities in you. Those qualities are rebellion, voice, scant regard for those rules and regulations, a certain impulsiveness, a quicksilver mind - and a sharp tongue to match it. Is this you? If it is, how are you applying these in your life? And to what effect? You are, after all, as the Prince of Swords, "air of air". You are kinetic, bold, whip-lash fast, and if that whip lash isn't well-aimed and well-executed, well - who knows what kind of impact that speed-sharpened leather-edge will have? And if it isn't you - especially if it isn't you at all - then where might you be imprisoning that Prince inside you? Where might you be quelling that force rushing through you, for fear it may turn into a tempest? Where are you not using your voice, speaking your mind? Because, coupled with the Four of Disks, you could be formidable. And by "formidable" I don't necessarily mean destructive; I mean you could be effective. Imagine that whip-lash mind grounded in that firmly-on-all-fours solidity of the Four of Disks. The Prince gets to have his say and speak that truth - his own truth - while being tempered by an authority that speaks from where it is without wavering or losing footing. And the Four of Disks learns that sometimes the true exercising of power lies in flexibility, and some well-thought-out and well-timed rebellion. Sometimes the mind needs to wander and explore along paths that lead it to the keenest insights, instead of sitting on its arse and thinking it rules the world from its narrow-minded vantage point. When Power and means, and creative, self-expressive individualism come together, they might not be soft and fluffy. They might not take any prisoners (though they could release quite a few). They might not give the time of day to cutting any slack or doling out second chances. They might be starkly uncompromising.

But they get the job done.

When Power and expression synthesise, you move away from identifying fully with the staid world of stolid safety, and you move away from embodying, to the exclusion of everything else, the rebel without a cause - and you move into the world of the reasoned warrior, where you think on your feet, exercise your authority as a means to an end (as opposed to an end in itself), and you live out the knowledge that power is an internal state that is dynamic and adaptable while never losing its potency. That, my friend, is Science. Astrology Correspondences: Four of Disks (Sun in Capricorn), Six of Swords (Mercury in Aquarius), Prince of Swords (the airy aspect of air)