The Tarotcast - Week of November 14, 2016

I get the strongest sense that there is a timeline described in this week's reading.

It may not be relevant for everyone, but it feels like it is going to be relevant for some - if not quite a few more than that. I'll get to the timeline in a moment.
eight_disks_four_disks_the_star_rohrig_sm Eight of Disks, Four of Disks, The Star from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
First, whether this timeline is or is not relevant for you, there's a story being played out here that is connected to last week's reading. The reason for this is the re-appearance of the Four of Disks. On the left last week, the Four of Disks is now at centre. Currently, there is a consolidation of power that is taking place, a hunkering down of your stance, a declaration of leadership. And isn't that the case in many countries right now? There's an "I'm the boss" attitude that can be wielded in any number of different ways. After all, the Four of Disks, like every other card in the Tarot deck, is neither intrinsically 'good', nor is it 'bad'. It is how each of us chooses either a) to interpret it, or b) to embody it that affects how the card is experienced or played out. So - I'm-the-boss is sitting dead centre of the card, dead-centre of the reading. Given that last week there was the indication for a need to balance the "Power" of the Four with the rebellious, outspoken Prince of Swords, it looks like somewhere in your life there has been a favouring of the establishment of concrete power, and perhaps less of an emphasis on a more fluid, intuitive, vocalising of ideas and the force of the spoken word. More waiting-it-out in a place where you feel safe, if a little constricted; less of a to-hell-with-it attitude. And who's to say that asserting this position of safe authority hasn't served you well, or at least better than any alternative course of action? Given we can't live parallel lives (or not consciously at least), you'll never know. What we do know, however, is what surrounds and is operational on the Four of Disks this week - what is foundational to it, and what is perhaps influencing it that is yet to take shape. These are the Eight of Disks and The Star respectively. Yet again, this week, there seems to be a striving towards equilibrium that is asking you to consider tempering a stance that runs the risk of becoming narrowed and set in its ways - to the point of being blinkered and immovable. And if you're agreeing and pointing your finger out there somewhere, at the myriad places where you can see that happening around you, it may serve you to turn that finger inward and look closer to home.

No-one is immune to the Four of Disks. It is bang in the middle of the reading, just as you are bang in the middle of your life.

To the left of the Four there is the Eight of Disks. Though it is foundational to the Four and therefore precedes it in some way, chronologically it comes later in the Disks suit, and therefore can be considered an evolution, or a more complex application, of the Four. Whereas the Four shows a single figure closed in tightly by the four hematite spheres representing the disks, the Eight shows a gathering of figures - five in all - in a landscape that feels more naturally vibrant, and where the hematite spheres are framing the picture as if holding it gently. The disks are not 'bearing down upon', or 'hemming in'. They are a subtle yet stable background presence. And they make room for the tree-like structure between them that is able to protect those who seem somehow connected to it, and who are also giving it life as it gives them life. When Four is doubled, there is a binary created. It is not just about flying solo, or being the (sole) king of the (rather lonely) castle. It is about bringing different forces (the two sets of four) together to create a symbiotic relationship that is part human and part natural - and also part super-natural. This third force vitalises everything.

But - this is fragile.

It is as fragile as it is beautiful, and it requires a lightness of touch that is not able to exist in the heaviness of the Four. The Four of Disks is a bold statement of power and an assertion of might that is necessary sometimes when starting out. But soon it is time to learn that, no, money does not grow on trees, thank goodness, and that what beats at the heart of you cannot be bought by material wealth alone. A sense of vision and purpose cannot be bought, and creative vitality that can bring something of formidable beauty into the world cannot be bought. Material wealth can support - much like the eight disks that are present yet muted at the edges of the card - but material wealth does not lie at the beating heart of the Eight of Disks, which holds in its picture the kind of mystery that will defy your worldly notions of riches time and time again. "Remember what's important," it seems to say. "Feel the difference between the power you once thought was the pinnacle of experience, and the power that comes with responsibility, and care, and co-operation." And finally, The Star reminds you that there is something even greater at play. While the Eight of Disks speaks to the ideas of dedication to a cause and a sense of purpose as they are experienced in this world, The Star speaks to what is not of this world at all. The Star is transpersonal - it is the flow of wisdom that runs through everything, and also exists in spite of everything. It is not concerned with who you are, and what you are doing - that's a matter for Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks. No. What The Star is can be summed up by the words of E M Forster in his novel "Howards End":

“She would only point out the salvation that was latent in his own soul, and in the soul of every man. Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon."

Only connect. That's it. The whole of the sermon. Only connect with what is there that flows through you. Its origin and its destination may be unknown, but you can step into that river and in so doing you dissolve an obstinate allegiance to things and to worldly matters that has kept you limited in both means and vision. Only connect. The extent to which you can flow with it is the extent to which you are able to release what holds you back, and down, and to renegotiate with yourself the concept of power. As for possible timings? The Eight of Disks is the Sun in Virgo, and so it may be that you can think back sometime during the period of August 22 to September 22 when you started to feel the warm movement of something coming together, even if just an outline of what is shaping up now. The Four of Disks is Sun in Capricorn - so pay attention to how you define and hold on to power in your own life between now and January 19, and particularly the period between December 21 and January 19 when you may feel a tension between the Four and Eight particularly strongly, with a draw back to the ideals and the experiences of the Eight. There may be a reconsideration of a particularly stubborn or defended stance. And The Star is Aquarius, so around the end of January to the middle of February notice if you are drawn towards a more outward-looking and impersonal view of your world, and where that view can refine further the qualities of the Eight and Four of Disks. This is a subtle but powerful interplay of different streams, with the idea of sovereignty and what that means, and how that meaning changes, at the heart of everything. Moreover, it isn't just something happening out there and to others. It is happening to you, too. If you feel tempted to step away and consider yourself above it all, then reconsider whether you are as detached as you think you are, or simply avoiding your own enmeshment in a world that is constantly asking you the value of everything - including the values you hold. It is only by acknowledging this enmeshment that you are able to connect with what you come to understand is true detachment - and like a star itself, it will sometimes feel close, at other times distant, sometimes constant, other times wavering. It doesn't mean that the star is any less present. Just that you are. Keep coming back.

Only connect.

Astrology Correspondences: Eight of Disks (Sun in Virgo), Four of Disks (Sun in Capricorn), The Star (Aquarius)