The Tarotcast - May 4, 2017
The Fool, Ace of Cups, Three of Disks from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

You know - my mind went blank when sitting down and looking at these cards for a moment.

Then I wondered a little more, and passed my eyes over the enigmatic, compelling image of The Fool, and smiled. Because isn't that just like The Fool to drop us into uncharted waters, perhaps at that moment when we were expecting a map? Perfect. What does The Fool have to say to us with that dual-identity smile of his/hers? What does s/he have to say to you? One thing is for sure: when The Fool is active as an archetype in your life, nothing can be pinned down as a certainty. Adventure calls, whether you see "adventure" as something to be embraced, or something to hunker down against. The Fool, as the zero point field of potential, holds the possibility of anything happening. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, then think of The Fool as a force that is moving through you rather than a force that just moves you from the outside. Then, you are the initiator; you bring in the potential for something new. You are taking a step into the unknown - somewhere, somehow, whether you know it or not. And you are the unknown. The Fool is associated with the planet Uranus in astrology, and, if you're astrologically inclined, you'll know that Uranus is making its presence known right now. If you're not astrologically inclined, don't worry: I'll give you a small low-down. (I'm not much of an astrologer either.) According to astrologer Priya Kale, Uranus is currently very active. Priya writes:

"Mercury stations always bring information to the surface. In conjunction to Uranus: expect sudden turnarounds; or unexpected information that changes things, or at least your understanding of them, and of your desires."

Yesterday - Wednesday, May 3 - Mercury (represented in the tarot by The Magus, who was at the centre of last week's reading) stationed direct. In other words, Mercury stopped appearing to move backwards in the sky, and started its apparent forward motion again. In six days' time, on May 10, Uranus and Mercury come together in the sky. Mercury = the mind and communication; Uranus = unpredictability and electricity.

So The Magus (from last week) is contacting with The Fool this week. Think mental lightning bolts. Think communications coming from left field. Think, as Priya writes, "unexpected information that changes ... your understanding ... of your desires."

I am editing her sentence because of the card at the centre, which is the visual epitome of desire: the Ace of Cups.

What information is coming, or is about to come, to light that speaks of desire?

What perhaps unexpected or unanticipated encounter brings your beating heart into the open?

Is your relationship to your heart, your emotions, your desire, changing?

Remember: the change doesn't have to come as a shock, but it may be that what is in the process of emerging is perhaps not what you thought would happen. And maybe delightfully so.

Oh, but whoa there, you romantic Fools, you!

Before you go riding off on that horse with whatever knight (or amazon) is available, bear this in mind:

Whatever is happening with whomever, what is clear from the cards in front of us today is that this experience - this process - has a single protagonist.


It might be that you can identify a significant other with whom you are having a parallel adventure, but The Fool is solo; the woman in the Ace of Cups is solo; and the man in the Three of Disks - which we are yet to come to - is solo.

This process of the unexpected emergence of desire has its alpha and its omega with you.

The Fool sparks a process of desire that burns inside you as a fire of self-love and radiates outwards into your world. You can share this with others; you can keep it for yourself. There is no ruling about how you are with this. But you become aglow.

The Ace of Cups, being an Ace, is all about potential. The Ace of Cups is the pure and limitless potential of love that has its spark in your own heart, and that spark was lit by you. No-one else, no matter how much you want to point to an outside source. It is your pioneering spirit, or your Soul's desire to forge its way - and to bring you, too - into unmapped waters that strikes the flame.

But you strike it by striking out - by taking that step, by embracing the unpredictable that's moving through you. Maybe it is an encounter with the potential of the unknown itself that fires you up, rather that its details. Maybe you are prepared to open your heart. Maybe events conspire that you respond by opening your heart.

To yourself.

Not for returns, not for adulation from others, not for the recognition of your selflessness. No. This is a heart-opening that opens because it is there to open.

"I do it because I can."

"I love because I am love, and I have no idea how I got here."

And then? Then the work starts. That's what's coming up. What you open to in yourself sets you on a path of the apprentice, and a willingness to shoulder the responsibility of something in your material life.

You are love unbounded, and then you learn what it means to love with limitations or with limits. You know the first to experience the second differently - because, at heart, you know what this is really about. Not about obligation, or others, but about who you are being in this task that may sometimes feel like a task, but which was sparked by the willingness (unconscious or conscious) to go for it.

This is commitment. But first and foremost, that commitment is one that you make to yourself. The rest follows and constellates on that, one way or another. You can always change it, because you know what you know now: it - your life, your desire - begins and ends with you.

Now. Down to work.

Astrology Correspondences: The Fool (Uranus), Ace of Cups (the pure, limitless potential of water), Three of Disks (Mars in Capricorn)

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