The Tarotcast - March 8, 2017

That plan you had, some time back?

The plan that I referred to just over two weeks ago, on February 21 - the one that the reading back then invited you to contemplate again, to see whether it could be implemented after all? Something is coming to meet it, so best you start getting prepared.
Prince of Disks, The Chariot, Strength from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
You can't continue to turn your back on what you were dreaming and scheming up - not if a part of you knows down to the very core of you that it's viable, it's worth going for. That "something" that's coming to meet it is embodied in the central card, The Chariot - zooming towards you like a Formula One driver. How about your internal architect - the one with the plan and attention to detail (and don't underestimate its creativity, either) turn around and face it?
First, though, for a moment, I'd like to break with convention with The Tarotcast to offer a personal tale.
By doing this, I hope I can illustrate and bring relevance to how one can get to grips with a Major Arcana card like The Chariot. I feel drawn to do so, anyway, and when that voice calls, I've learned to listen. Five years ago, I was feeling stuck, restless. I was dogged with dis-ease. It was the fidgety psychic discomfort of knowing I needed to face something in myself, while doing everything I could to squirm out of that particular encounter. While visiting a dear friend, she suggested I draw cards for myself. Well, heyyy, what a suggestion! The cards seemed like a perfect solution (read: escape) from my circumstances - as they sometimes do. Jung once observed, "People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls." I was not as observant. I shuffled, cut the deck, perhaps drew a couple of cards that I now can't remember - and then drew The Chariot. Two words slipped immediately, pre-thought, out of my mouth: "He's coming." I knew it; so did my friend. And he did come - in the form of a figure in a dream I had only a few weeks later: a masculine figure fashioned from black space who faced me in the moonlit grassland of my unconscious. The numinosity of the meeting was so powerful that I woke up shaking. I've not had a dream like it before or since. Back then, I didn't have the vocabulary to describe the figure. Now that I know better, I refer to him as "Cosmos Man". But back then, this Other was too unsettling. Deeply unsettling. So my ego, my ever-vigilant inner bouncer, decided to humanise him, to make him more acceptable - more digestible - by wrapping him in the guise of a person. Sure enough, two humans arrived, one after the other, on whom I projected Cosmos Man, believing that they were it. I believed profoundly that these all-too-human people carried the secrets of Cosmos Man within them, and I could access those secrets through them. Until, that is, I realised that they were human too. By then, much chaos had ensued. And a lot of pain, as well as a lot of learning: I was thrown back, and kept being thrown back, on myself, as I have always been when I've looked for answers in someone else. Cosmos Man, however, endured, as did his mystery. He was a code I couldn't crack, much to my consternation; and as long as I couldn't crack him, my existential antsiness remained. It has taken me by degrees five years to begin to understand what Cosmos Man is, which has filled out and given nuance to my interpretation of The Chariot, too. You see, Cosmos Man has no meaning outside my consciousness. Without me he is nothing; as I am nothing without him. He is me, and I am him, and we have been searching for each other so that we can get going, get moving, get a life. He was the dark (what lay undiscovered and unexpressed) to my light (what I knew, and what I expressed). He was Yang, and so he was purpose, he was focus, and he was drive. Now, look at The Chariot and see if you can see those three qualities there. Now look at the star in his sights. That star isn't out there. That star is you. The darkness of the mystery is looking for the light of your awareness - just as you are looking for the darkness. Together, when that inner meeting takes place, they create momentum. Sure, see it outside and embrace it outside of you, too. But let it start with you. "Where are you going? And who's going with you?" Remember that? Now, more than ever, this applies. The closer you get, the closer the Other gets, and the closer you'll come to wanting to see all of this 'out there', rather than realising that 'out there' is simply a reflection of in here. ESPECIALLY because of the final card. How much more juicy can you get? How much will you want to attribute this upcoming sexy, instinctual, shameless, animal self to someone else - because, frankly, it may feel a little too hot to handle, and a little too unlike you to hold? Well, here's the news: the vision embodied in Strength is you, or this card wouldn't be making an appearance. Strength is the internalisation of your erotic nature as it is grounded in your body. It is intrinsic to you; it is a vital, essential way of being. Unless you choose to shut it off, that is. And one of the fundamental ways you can do this is, not by suppressing it out of existence, but by projecting it on to someone else. Strength is on the horizon, and she is your birthright. Right now, you can get ready by preparing yourself for a meeting with a driving force (The Chariot) that will not only be there to receive her, but will marry with her so that your plans (Prince of Disks) have a renewed sense of vigour and energy to them. Why, it may even be that, for the first time, you feel completely connected to those plans. They may finally make sense. That's because, finally, you have the opportunity to turn up for the party - fully, unashamedly, and ready to rumble. Astrology Correspondences: Prince of Disks (the airy aspect of earth), The Chariot (Cancer), Strength (Leo)

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