The Tarotcast - March 1, 2017

This is a short, and very clear, reading. As clear as the crystal-blues and clean lines in the two Swords cards; as clear as the task of The Hermit at centre.

Before you go anywhere; before you do anything: move within.
Ace of Swords, The Hermit, Four of Swords from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
Notice what's going on in this week's reading. First, we have a card that we had last week - the Ace of Swords. Except, instead of its being at the centre of the reading (and so the central focus of your life), today it is to the left, flanking the now-central figure of The Hermit. Second, the card flanking The Hermit on the other side is the Four of Swords. Two Swords cards, one on each side. This is not a past-present-future reading, but a reading where The Hermit is the heart of the matter, and the cards around it are The Hermit's holding environment, contextualising and guiding your experience of The Hermit as it is expressing itself through you. Third is The Hermit itself; a Major Arcana card, accompanied by an Ace, and a numbered Minor Arcana. Significant things are afoot. But the reading is indicating that it is these 'significant things' that are afoot, and not you. Not yet. Not yet. Before you go anywhere; before you do anything: move within. Your idea, your plan, a small spark of inspiration that may feel faint but which holds an allure that cannot be extinguished - it needs time to develop. And while it is doing that, you, simultaneously, are shifting your focus inside, so that you can see what is developing in you. Both of these processes are linked, though you may not have conscious control over much of what is going to be happening. What you do have control over is - doing not much. Or certainly not as much as a part of you may be pushing you to do in the outer world. The Hermit is not called "The Hermit" for nothing. It is a card of 'beingness' rather than 'doingness' - and the beingness is the matter of being you. Of becoming. Of seeing what is there. And, if you can't see, of simply being quieter than usual, more circumspect; more curious, less tenacious towards the events and people and things that happen to pass outside your door. No. Yours, right now, is the slower world of an intellectual time out. I love the Four of Swords, because when I look at it, I feel the coolness of something that is undergoing a kind of refrigeration, or benign freeze. Everything in the card is sharp without being wounding, and the corona of light spreads like an ice-floe around the stone figure in the centre of the card. That corona is the same corona that sparks from the blade of the Ace of Swords - but it is being subjected to a kind of suspended, or hyper-slow, animation. Enough for that spark to develop and make sense to you; offering time for archetype of The Hermit to enact its own becoming through you. There is still a question that you hold, which lies in parallel to the spark or idea. Let that question remain. There's no need to answer it. The answer is coming. It may be a small pin-prick of awareness, but it is coming through. To immerse yourself in the process of doing would be to swamp this subtle, nascent thing that is asking for space, and some time, and your devotion to a certain circumspection. You don't have answers? You don't need answers. You have questions? Great. Now give yourself, and The Hermit, enough solitude to work this alchemy. You don't have the recipe or the instructions? No problem either. A part of you does. Your mind is not it. Trust that there is something else there - or don't trust it.
You don't need a universe of space. Just a room of your own, whether physical or metaphorical. A room where your mind can hang up its shoes and put its feet up. Your conscious mind, that is. The stillness of its surface gives greater access to what moves beneath. I often write about the need to meet Aces halfway. Here, you do this by acknowledging the Ace of Swords' presence while demonstrating your ability to tend the inner fire - while all else around you slows down. Hunt through the ash of what you burn to find the ember - the one thing that remains lit, viable, alive in you. Here is the pathway to the Ace. You'll know when it's time to take it. But not yet. Astrology Correspondences: Ace of Swords (the pure, limitless potential of air), The Hermit (Virgo), Four of Swords (Jupiter in Libra)

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