The Tarotcast - June 22, 2017
Three of Wands, Princess of Disks, Six of Swords from The Röhrig Tarot, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.
There is an exquisite interconnection among all three cards in today's Tarotcast - both visual and symbolic. The picture they create is of a synthesis of two separate states or experiences that have been moving towards each other, and for quite some time - possibly for such a long time that it will only be apparent what was going on when this synthesis happens. But let me digress a little. Douglas Adams's novel Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency has been on my mind recently. It came up in a recent discussion I was having about "the fundamental interconnectedness of all things" (a phrase uttered by protagonist detective Dirk Gently). Just now, when I was pondering this idea of two things moving towards each other, and for quite some time, it re-emerged. Stay with me here if you can; there's a point to all of this, much like the point Adams was trying to make: that of 'connection'. In the novel, there are apparently separate characters and events, about which we know tantalisingly little, and which seem to throw up more questions than answers. Douglas deliberately limits our perspective so that we cannot know the whole story, and offers it to us in glimpses, hints, and small portions. Why are they there? What are they doing? What the hell is going on? Well, quite. Reading the book is, at times, an act of faith that something is going to make sense. Douglas delivers at the end, very satisfyingly. Today's reading is suggesting that you, too, have had your share of "Why am I here?" "What am I doing?" "What the hell is going on?" moments. In some key part of your life, you have been moving through a similar experience of limited visibility, and a journey based more on hunches and faith than fully rounded, visible facts. And, as with the novel's conclusion, you are also moving towards a moment of connection and understanding. It's worth looking at the cards to appreciate this, particularly if you're not currently feeling it, being as you are in a period of gestation where both movement and (in)sight are necessarily limited. The card on the left is the Three of Wands. Virtue. "Going your own way." This decision to walk alone down a particular path to follow your bliss may not have been easy, but it offered what no other path offered: integrity. You knew you were doing the right thing for you - which isn't necessarily the 'right thing' that is expected of you. In the card, the landscape is open, the horizon calls - and you are moving towards it, even if you're not sure what is round the next corner. The plumes of pink and mauve represent the blooming of your creative wings, with a single plume pointing straight up to the sky while your feet are connected to the ground. From this vertical axis - that strong foundation of integrity - your creativity can then flow. This is a Wands card, so it is fiery in nature. But here, the fire seems to be a soft glow; an illumination and emanation rather than a raw flame, or an inferno. It accompanies you as a part of you; it is both the source of your inspiration and your support. The card to the right of this, at centre, is a wholly different card in both image and in feel. Quite contrasted, in fact. It is the slow languorousness of gestation. Whereas the plumes in the Three of Wands move up and out, here, the Princess of Disks' hair and the material enfolding her seem to move down and in. Whereas the figure in the Three of Wands is able to look ahead, the Princess of Disks is not able to see anything outside herself. Where there is movement in the Three of Wands, there is holding in the Princess of Disks. It may be that, at first, there was a feeling of potential and great adventure in a setting that seemed expansive. Now, your experience may seem so far from that state, you might wonder whether you imagined it, given the sensation of gravity, that blinkeredness, the waiting, waiting, waiting ... There's a reason you're not seeing the whole picture. There is a reason for the contrasted experiences - which may also be happening simultaneously - a paradox uncomfortable enough that it's probably not lost on you, even if there is no current way to explain or resolve it. No current way, that is. Because the final card suggests that there is a shift in the offing - one that brings both states together in a way that is not simply meaningful, which not only makes full sense of them: you also understand that their synthesis creates something new. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. In the Six of Swords, the plume above the solitary figure marries with the leafed blindfold of the Princess of Disks to create an exotic bloom that radiates light. Whether you knew it or not, this journey along the road and this gestation were designed to meet from the very beginning. You, the figure in the Three of Wands, make your way through and out of the maze - a labyrinth constructed by your mind, which has had you travelling back and forth, walled in, your movement through it at times an act of blind faith. Really, what you've been going through is a period of inner growth and expansion - which is seldom straightforward, and rarely are you let into its secrets. There has been an intelligence behind all of this that has trumped your own mind-based intelligence. It has asked you to surrender to it as a pregnant woman surrenders to the wisdom of her body. Not easy for a hero with an adventure in front of them! There is something more at work here, and it is in service to a liberation from a construct or a way of thinking. It might not be here quite yet, but you'll know it when it happens. That iridescent flower in the Six of Swords may be delicate. Its presence, however, is irrefutable. Astrology Correspondences: Three of Wands (Sun in Aries), Princess of Disks (the earthy aspect of earth), Six of Swords (Mercury in Aquarius)

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