The Tarotcast - February 21, 2017

Whereas last week, the questions were, "Where are you going? And who's going with you?" - the reading this week poses another two questions that are in some way related to the first two:

"What are you building? And whom are you building it with and for?"
Prince of Disks, Ace of Swords, Eight of Disks from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
At the centre of the reading, and at the centre of this matter, is an idea. Perhaps a (really) good idea, and that may be somewhat of an understatement inasmuch as this idea may be innovative, but it may also have breadth, and legs: it has the ability to have an impact on others as well as yourself, and it has the ability to have a lasting and profound effect on everyone involved.
But what is this idea, and how will you know it when you see it? Hint: you've seen it before.
This is an idea or a plan that you've had in the past - one that you started mapping out if only informally. Its genesis was probably recent (think of a time period between the last few months and a year back - two at a stretch). Most important to keep in mind: this idea or plan is currently foundational to a potential moment of insight that can transform or re-envision it into something that is both viable and grounded in your physical environment - whether associated with your relationships, your work, your finances, or any combination of things that take material shape in your life. Like last week, there are two Disks cards flanking a central card. Except this time, one of the Disks cards is a court card, and instead of the two outer cards acting as a gateway to the middle card, the reading here is a straightforward "past-present-future" layout (that is, if anything can be described as straightforward). So, in the "past" position there is the Prince of Disks, who represents the origin of that idea or plan. As an aspect of you, the Prince is a skilled and intuitive architect, but one who is also meticulous and thrives on the details when he is careful not to get bogged down in them. He is not prone to flights of fancy, and he may not have the "Results! Now!" attitude of, say, the Prince of Swords, but he dots all the "i"s and crosses all the "t"s, and that's what you need when you're bringing a concept into the planning stages. A commitment to due diligence may be the very reason why your idea didn't fly at the time: because its originator - that aspect of you who is both creative yet also meticulous, intuitive yet also practical - found that the numbers or the logic didn't add up, or there weren't enough resources, or a part of you needed to go back to the drawing board and get yourself better prepared. It is as if you had all the elements you felt you needed, but in some way they didn't synthesise. The phrase that comes to me is, "Nah! Not feeling it." This "feeling" had little to do with emotions and everything to do with another kind of feeling. What you were looking for, but couldn't see at the time, was an alignment, a falling into place, a clarity of vision and the kind of pure intellectual fuel that gets a shelved concept moving again. Introducing the Ace of Swords, the card that brings you into what's happening in your life right now. Earlier today in a Tarot forum, Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals, wielding his own Ace of Swords, referred to the Aces as having a "nascent" quality. Aces depict the moment where what lies in potential can be birthed into existence. The Ace of Swords can be a bright idea, or nothing less than a stroke of genius. Both are equally possible - though it's up to you to keep applying your discernment, to keep dotting your "i"s and crossing your "t"s, to ensure that this lightbulb moment is one that has the capacity to hold true ("hold truth") rather than being a mere flash in the pan. Don't discount anything; scrutinise everything. The Ace of Swords has the ability to fire up that blueprint that you were drawing up in a way that imbues it with meaning and gets the cogs turning and machinery whirring. Something is on the move, something is coming to life. It may still be only at the planning stage, but the difference here is that your project has been green-lit by an aspect of you that needed to work something out or to work something through. What remains to be said is to keep adopting that Prince of Disks approach, but this time using your resources to grow what is here rather than to fixate on the past and what may have been different back then. Subject your ideas to critical thinking, yes, but avoid over-indulging yourself on what could have been or what was not. Granted, slow and steady don't win the race - but that's because there is no race to win. Instead, your powers of application and endurance are co-operative in nature and able to be brought to bear on others' lives as well as your own, while others will do the same for you. You neither have to underestimate what you're doing here, nor do you have to rush ahead. A strong yet flexible framework asks for organic growth; thorough nurturing creates roots that run deeply, which will stand you in good stead during both drought and flood, lack and abundance. Right now, though, take at look back - in you, in your world - at what is glinting and sparkling with a renewed sense of promise or purpose. See what has changed. See what you can grasp that you weren't able to grasp before (including intellectually). Does it feel like it has a heart beating at its core? What are you building? And whom are you building it with and for? And what would the Prince do, now that he has the Ace of Swords? Astrology Correspondences: Prince of Disks (the airy aspect of earth), Ace of Swords (the pure, limitless potential of air), Eight of Disks (Sun in Virgo)

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