The Tarotcast - April 6, 2017

Well. I haven't a clue about the statistical probability of drawing these three cards today - I'm no mathematician. But, even as a non-mathematician, I know that this reading defies the odds. Nay: laughs in the face of the odds feels more like it.

Prince of Disks, Prince of Swords, Prince of Wands from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
I believe that an extraordinary spread calls for an out-of-the-ordinary approach to it. And when I look at this divine trio, I feel that the cards are not so much about the individuals on them, as much as they are about the message they are bringing to you collectively. AND: it is about who is absent. Let me try to state that in a way that brings it home to you. This is a story about "Three Princes" in the same way that there is a tale of Three Kings. Like the Three Kings in the story of the Christian Nativity, although the Princes are individuals, their significance to the narrative in which they are playing a key role is collective. Their presence transcends their individual characteristics. It is the message that they are bringing together that is all-important. What is that message? The specifics are going to depend on you and your circumstances. However, there will be some things that each of these stories shares.

First, there is the idea of a united front.

The character traits, or dominant characteristic of a particular person (including you), that each Prince represents are quite different. That's why we have four suits: they embody different aspects, and these, in the court cards in Tarot, show up as personality types. All Princes are crusading, outward-moving aspects. More of that later. But the manner in which this kind of crusading nature is embodied is different from Prince to Prince. The Prince of Disks (no stranger to the Tarotcast this year, having appeared three times before this reading) is a planner. He is methodical, and, given his suit - Disks - is the most dense of the suits, he is very likely slower-to-action, but he has the capacity to be consistent and persevering. Stubborn, even, and weighed down by detail. He can be the archetypal anal-retentive. The Prince of Swords is a mental and verbal jouster. With the gift of the gab, he crusades on behalf of what he believes to be right and just. Even if others disagree. He doesn't mince his words; he is apt to strike out if cornered or threatened (directly or indirectly). He is mercurial, keen, volatile. Imagine a young hot-shot lawyer, and you're imagining the Prince of Swords. Either that, or an addict who can't wait for his next hit. The Prince of Wands - recent arrival to the Tarotcast, appearing in the same position last week - is a lover. But this lover is not so much concerned with the emotional nature of his experience as in the creative and erotic. He is magnetic and exciting. He smoulders, as unpredictable as fire if it is uncontained. He is an initiator. He may be a lothario. His commitment is to the (pro)creative process above all else, and to judge him on other terms is to misunderstand or to under- or over-estimate him. So, when it comes to the matter of a united front, you have all of these characteristics going for you. They may come from within (and I'd argue that this is the case all of the time), and they may also be reflected to you by one or more people in your life. Remember: a united front can both support you, and act as a resistance to your path. Both are valid, but it is then up to you to choose how you understand their presence, and what you do with that understanding. All of them are available; it is best to acknowledge their presence not simply as individuals, not simply choosing or rejecting one over the other/s, but by seeing what they are together. Can you use and/or engage with them constructively so that they support your sense of who you are and where you are going?

Second, there is the idea of outer, idealistic action.

As I wrote above, the Princes are crusading, outward-moving aspects. So that means that you have to get out in the world and advocate on behalf of whatever it is that you are feeling passionate about. No shying away at home for you. This is stick-your-head-above-the-parapet time. The Princes are nothing if not fighters, and you have a cohort of them available to you. Find your voice, find your passion, find your plan. Go out and put some skin in the game. There are no guarantees about outcome, but the Princes aren't particularly interested in outcome as much as the adventure itself. They're old enough to know what they're doing (even though they have much yet to learn), and young enough to have enough idealism to ignore the haters and the nay-sayers, and those who tell them that it's better to stay safe in the constraints of predictable surroundings. Bear in mind that this unexplored territory will be physical, mental, and erotic/creative. Choosing one over the other is to limit your experience. Oh - and expect resistance, both inner and outer. That's what Princes provoke, and it's what they are trained to meet.

Third, there is the idea of working with the masculine.

A note: when I write about "masculine" and "feminine," I am not writing about gender, nor am I writing about sex. I am writing about particular principles that all of us have, and I'd suggest that part of our evolutionary process is to bring these into balance in whatever way that 'balance' is right for, and serves, each of us. Here, you are working with the masculine - or, if it feels easier to relate to, yang energy. This is active, and focused. It is associated with "doing" rather than "being." And it is young, which makes it not only high-energy, but also unpredictable. Collectively, you are being called on to meet with and to integrate what is driven to penetrate - the world, the mind, the body, the creative. Can you feel them all? This drive may be steady and at times relentless (Disks), or quicksilver and at times ruthless (Swords), or hot and at times flammable (Wands) - but it's up to you to set the pace, to call the shots, to regulate the accelerator and the brake. Here's your line-up, these three Princes. They could be chaos - like herding cats - or they could be formidable. But they are powerful, one way or another. You can sit back and let someone else handle everything - but then you wouldn't be working with Prince energy, would you?

Finally, notice what, and who, is missing.

Prince of Cups from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.
In a three-card reading with the same card type, there will always be one missing. Here, present through his absence, is the Prince of Cups. Air of water. Crusader of love. The archetypal Knight in Shining Armour. (Or, as a friend so beautifully mis-spoke it in a Freudian slip of note, a Shite in Knining Armour.) He rides out for the heart, and has a tendency to ride over a few in the process. As air of water, he thinks he knows what love is. Then he learns what it really is. But if you want to approach the world with a lover's heart - one that will have all kinds of adventures that will forge and shape it, set it free and call it to account - then the Prince is your wo/man. He may be the most powerful figure of all in this reading because he is not here, and yet so very present in the space that is held for him. Don't forget your heart - your youthful, crusading heart - the one that's willing to put itself on the line. No guarantees. So, whatever it is that is calling you. Or whomever. Get out there. You may not be able to place conditions on your experience, but you will have an experience. Remember balance, and remember what's not there. You may have to work for this last one a little harder. Astrology Correspondences: Prince of Disks (the airy aspect of earth), Prince of Swords (the airy aspect of air), Prince of Wands (the airy aspect of fire)

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