The Tarotcast - April 27, 2017
Queen of Wands, The Magus, Seven of Swords from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

In order to bring things into balance, and to restore your own sense of autonomy and integrity, you need to call her in.

"Her"? Who is 'she'? In this reading, "she" is the Queen of Wands. In your life, she is a quality, a characteristic - perhaps another person, but, if so, that person will be reflecting something in you that is worth noticing and embodying yourself. So start with yourself first and you can extrapolate from there. First, a quick note about "she" vs. "he," and the notions of feminine and masculine as they are presented in the Tarot. These two words have become so culturally and ideologically charged that it is almost impossible to approach them objectively. So let me emphasise that, when I talk about "feminine" or "masculine" when it comes to the Tarot (and particularly the Court Cards), yes, they may refer to a gender orientation or someone of that sex. However, they also refer to qualities that each of us has, and which each of us expresses to a greater or lesser degree. Each is equally important; each is vital and integral to our intrapsychic development. If we choose to favour one over the other - then that other becomes "other" and is consigned to our shadow (what is unconscious but which still holds strong influence over us), or we project it on to those around us who then carry that shadow for us. And here, in order to bring things into balance, and to restore your own sense of autonomy and integrity you need to call her in. Why?

Because you are The Magus, and right now the Queen of Wands is a key player in what you are working on and the matter of who you and your world are becoming.

As The Magus, what is moving through you is the masculine, or yang, or active principle of creation. The Magus is a do-er, a mover, a shaker, honing his art of shaping this world with the four elements, or suits, in his possession: Wands (fire, Eros), Cups (water, emotions), Swords (air, the mind), and Disks (earth, matter). A little bit of this here, some of that, and a bit of that over there, et voilà! Something comes into form; he makes something happen. You are making something happen. Right now! Are you aware of that? Can you feel The Magus as an archetype shifting the ground beneath your feet? This is a grand experiment on one level. After all, The Magus is the first numbered card in the Major Arcana, springing from the zero of The Fool. He is the beginning of everything, the initiator. He brings potential (zero) into form (one). He is a 'personal archetype' - he is associated with who we are as individuals rather than the more collective experience of the cards that come later in the Majors. The Magus can also express through each of us in different ways. There is the conjuror, who uses smoke and mirrors and sleight-of-hand to whip up illusions both convincing and unconvincing. This is the manipulation of perception rather than of reality. Then there is the sorcerer, who uses their abilities to get what they want. This is the manipulation of things and of people, and serves a particular purpose that's usually at the level of personal desire. Finally, there is the magician, who understands that "thy will is my will, and my will is thine." And by "thy/thine" I don't mean an external deity or power, but rather the Soul. The magician is an advocate and expression of that mysterious force that is the Soul, which lies beyond the limits of your body, your mind, your conscious and Ego-based desires. So here you are, expressing The Magus - doing something, wanting to achieve something, bringing something together. You may be an illusionist or conjuror, a sorcerer, or magician. You'll know which one best fits the circumstances. Elements and qualities are being apportioned and applied. Now for the key ingredient; now to call her in. The Queen of Wands. Unlike The Magus, who is a pure archetype, the Queen of Wands as a Court Card is an aspect of your personality, an active characteristic you can draw from. As a Queen, she corresponds with the element of water; as a Wands card, she corresponds with the element of fire. Combine water and fire, and you have someone who has the capacity to use their finely tuned emotional abilities in a creative and directed way. The Queen of Wands at her best embodies assertive, energetically charged, heart-based action. Looking at both images of the Queen of Wands and The Magus side-by-side, they make a compelling pairing. Both face us: both act through conviction. There are no shrinking violets here; shame doesn't get a look in. The hot reds of the Queen complement the cool blues and whites of The Magus. Both cards are shot-through with eroticism and intensity. Phew! You have the makings of something here, you know. But to ignore her is to ignore half of the equation. And to ignore the witchy mystery that has no desire to explain itself - to ignore the potency of an intuitive wisdom that cannot be analyzed or contained by the mind - is to land up in the realm of the Seven of Swords. You either embody what is calling to you through your body, your heart, your eroticism - something that may not make immediate sense to your powers of analysis, but which makes an intuitive sense nonetheless. Or you consign it to the shadow and/or project that shadow out on to others. When you do this, that fiery power can feel overpowering - a force that binds the mind into a standstill instead of co-creating with it. You have to make friends with what does not follow logic and which might feel a little too hot to handle in yourself if you are really going to get things done. The Queen of Wands is that key that The Magus needs even while it may feel a little strange working both of these qualities at once: the cool-headed trickster god, and the lioness who roars her magic. You're at a choice point. Hold one back, and you hold back on yourself. Allow both to work together, and you're allowing for the kind of balance that is its own magic. And that allowing for co-operation might be all that's needed right now. Everything else in this particular matter follows on from that. Astrology Correspondences: Queen of Wands (the watery aspect of fire), The Magus (Mercury), Seven of Swords (Moon in Aquarius)

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