The Tarotcast - January 11, 2017

Looks like the Eight of Wands jockeyed for position to move from the left of the reading last week, to the centre of the reading this week. You have not finished with it; and it has not finished with you.

This feels like a powerful reading, with the obstacles inherent in the energy of last week being illuminated in some way, and with an increased sense of your own agency in the matter at hand. I wrote this on January 3 about the Eight of Wands:

"here is that no-obstacle feel to what’s happening. It could feel magical. It could feel fucking electric. Because that’s what it is: electricity, libido, creativity, va-va-voom! That’s Wands when we hit the realm of the Eight. Activation. ...

This is where plans and good intentions fall by the wayside. It is where heartbreak is forgotten (or postponed). It’s where consequences are put on the back-burner. This also is where breathtaking art is forged. It is where a meeting of minds (among other things) can change lives. It’s where the popping-fizz of ingenuity finds the perfect chemical reaction to make the kind of progress that, before, had felt impossible.

One way, or the other, you’re looking at the most potent energy available."

The Sun, Eight of Wands, Two of Wands from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc. Click on the image for a larger version.
Well. Who can argue with the most powerful force in the world? Not that you'd want to anyway - not from these pictures. (Unless, of course, you do want to - and that might serve you just as well.) However, there is always a balance exacted, and it sometimes pays to be aware of what is implied in a reading where there is so much light: because it's fire, fire, fire all the way. Two words that came to mind when I was quoting from last week's reading above were "nuclear fission" - the most energetic coming together that I think we know of. This took on a deeper meaning when I then looked at the card on the left, the first Major Arcana of the year: The Sun.

Now, what's interesting is this:

Whereas the Eight of Wands prompted the phrase "nuclear fission," the sun is powered by something called "nuclear fusion." The first is a splitting, the second is a coming together. Both release large amounts of energy.

In that moment where you are either facing something or someone, inside or out, that is potently creative, you have an awareness of the differences between you. It is the 'otherness' that is the accelerant in the experience. What is happening alongside this - perhaps what one element of the two is contributing to the situation - however is a coming together, or fusion, that has it its core the concept of ILLUMINATION. The Sun is often held up as one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck. I am loath to put a signature of either 'positive' or 'negative' on any card, and particularly one as transpersonal as The Sun, coming as it does towards the end of the Major Arcana. The Sun is inherently neither 'good' nor 'bad'. The energy it gives off is not interested in our judgements about it. What The Sun does is indicate that there is the presence of light (and, again, I am not talking about a veiled attempt to 'positive-ise' it), and in the light, everything can be seen. Therefore, what one element in this partnership of "self" and "other" brings is a quality that brings everything out so that it can be seen more clearly, and perhaps for the first time. There can be tremendous healing in this, and it can be transcendent - allowing those involved to move beyond wounding. AND it can also, itself, be a process involving vulnerability, the pain of recognition, the cleansing of a wound where blood needs to rush back in, in much the same way as the light rushes into the darkened corners of the psyche. There is a reason vampires die in the light, and that they can only feed on blood. They are the archetypal elements of shadow that feed on our very life-force, unless and until they can be liberated into consciousness. And, here, those vampires get a chance to be liberated into consciousness, so liberating you and your cohort into a greater sense of vitality and strength and connection. This is balanced beautifully by the card to the right of the Eight of Wands - that of the Two of Wands, or Dominion. There are two sets of four wands in the Eight, and this is mirrored by the two wands standing sentry, guardians and a gateway to a convergence, and then divergence, of paths that lead to a citadel on a hill. Illumination is met with dominion and the ability to make a choice about how your world is shaped from here. This is a fork in the road, essentially, yet, if you look in the distance, both roads meet up towards the pinnacle of the hill. This meeting - of minds, of bodies, of aspects of yourself, whatever it is - is a meeting that allows one element to open light to hidden places, which brings with it freedom and the kind of joy that is experienced by one who has, until now, been held in chains in some way. It is a meeting, too, that opens the path, but asks that you make a choice about how you are going to exert influence to bring about the kind of life that you want. It feels true to say that there is no right path vs. wrong path, nor does it feel like it's a path of togetherness vs. one of aloneness. Neither of these pairs defines the way. There is, simply yet compellingly and importantly, the choice between two paths. Different scenery, different adventures - but with a shared destination. What lies at the top of the hill in that building? Who knows, but it, too, is radiating with light, and so feels like the un-ignorable, magnetic call of Soul or the heart. Your true north. This is what is engendered by what is happening at the centre of the reading, and, in some way, as the focal point of your life - even if you need to look inside yourself rather than outside to discover what this focal point is. I cannot emphasise the power in this situation, while knowing that, under its dispassionate rays, the sun will do what it does best in spite of your wishes to hide. In the gaze of this one before you (inner or outer), there is really no workable option to hide - that's not what they're here for. And that's not what you're here for either. You're here to go there. Wherever there is. Astrology Correspondences: The Sun (Sun), Eight of Wands (Mercury in Sagittarius), Two of Wands (Mars in Aries)

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