The Tarotcast - May 19, 2017
Ten of Wands, Two of Disks, Nine of Cups from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

"Change things up."

I don't particularly like this saying - the tautology prefect in me says it would sound a lot better without "up" (and without "things" for that matter). But, here, change things up is perfect; it works. You really are being asked to change things up, as you can see from the upward sweep of the three arrows in the Two of Disks, which, as the card at the centre, forms the focal point of the reading. Then again, is the Two of Disks the focal point of the reading? After all, we have a card here today that also appeared last week (and, incidentally, in this month's Video Tarot Forecast as well): the Nine of Cups. Instead of being at centre today, however, it sits to the right of the Two of Disks. But this isn't a past-present-future reading as much as it is the exercising of a choice in the present moment. All three cards are a little closer together, a little more available. All three cards are potentials that you are either experiencing or that you can reach for right now. Specifically, you are being invited to harness the shifting currents heralded by the Two of Disks and to change things up. What this looks like in your life will be peculiar to your circumstances, but there are some prevailing themes, moods, or feelings denoting the kind of psychic weather you're encountering. Foundational to your experience is the Ten of Wands. "Oppression." This oppression has a particular flavour, and it will feel like a kind of energetic resistance or a bearing down on you that is neither wholly physical, nor emotional, nor mental. This particular form of oppression is erotic, or creative, or something not quite tangible yet, paradoxically, viscerally present. The reason for this is in the nature of the Ten of Wands itself. Wands refer to that intangible yet ever-present creative force that runs through us. Tens are nothing less than the end of the line of their suit. Something has gone as far as it can, and it's time to shift into something else. It's time to change things up. If you know tarot, then the Tens are similar to The World, except they are situated in day-to-day life. One door is in the process of closing, and another one will open. If you look at the card, too, you can see that this concept is described clearly. An enclosed, stone room. Heavy. A figure who is dwarved, hunched. It is glowing slightly. It's as if the illustration is of the subtle body rather than a physical one. Energetically, you are holding or withstanding a weight bearing down on you. Maybe there is great creative potential in you that you can feel but which now needs release if you are to use it constructively. Perhaps what weighs in on your psyche or Soul is also what will liberate you. Could it be that instead of waiting until the perfect moment, that there is no 'perfect moment', and, in truth, you have the means to act now? More means than you are aware of, because you're not recognising that what feels like it is heavy around you is an untapped resource that you can transmute and use? The burden of what is sensed by the body but which eludes the mind is asking to shift. And the way that you do this lies in the two cards to the right of the Ten of Wands. First, there is a balancing act that you need to enact in your physical world. Things are asking you to find equilibrium through a time of constant motion - more motion than you're used to or that you feel comfortable handling. But you can handle it, by understanding that this juggling is neither a mistake, nor is it to be avoided. Change happens. Change is happening. Change things up. You are the juggler; you are made to juggle. Your skills number juggling among them, even if that notion feels ridiculous to you. Devote that pent-up energy to your juggling. You may not be able to name that 'oppression' that you feel. You don't have to. But you can use it as fuel. It asks that you learn to find the fine point between extremes. Because as far as you swing one way in your physical world, you'll then swing the other. For example, frenzied activity can be as ineffective as doing nothing at all. But moving with changes, and being responsive rather than pushing, pushing, pushing? Then you'll see motion rather than experience the same kind of push-back that has of late been feeling all too familiar. Second, in finding that balancing act, in working with ebb and flow, in navigating the intensity of oppression, you create an opening. This is the Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups is the vortex of possibility that springs you from your energetic prison cell. In other words, you're looking at something of a quantum leap. But this quantum leap doesn't have to announce itself with bells and whistles. No fanfare or parade is required for it to make its presence known. It might be more subtle than that - a sense of easing, the absence of resistance in a particular direction. You might find that a nudge in perspective lets you see around the corner of what's keeping you in lock-down, revealing a way through. Are you going to trust yourself enough to take that leap, or to make that move - or just to change your idea of what's possible? Go back to last week's reading. Do you deserve happiness? Not the kind of 'happiness' that bypasses reality, but happiness as a state that you have just as much right to feel at times as you have a right to feel anything else. For now, you don't need to subject yourself to the confines of the Ten of Wands. Change it up. Something else is calling, and it doesn't seem to be taking "no" for an answer. So where, and why, are you? Astrology Correspondences: Ten of Wands (Saturn in Sagittarius), Two of Disks (Jupiter in Capricorn), Nine of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces)

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