The Tarotcast - June 7, 2017
The Magus, Ten of Disks, Prince of Disks from The Röhrig Tarot, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

Well, well, well! Something is about to come together (or has already come together) in your material life. After all this time - and after all this planning - something takes shape.

I'll hazard a guess that the Prince of Disks has made the most appearances in the Tarotcast this year: five in all, including this week. You might want to note the dates - just in case they mean something to you:
  • The New Year Tarotcast - where I set an intention that the cards would describe "an underlying theme that will be present for a wee while yet."
  • February 21, 2017 - "What are you building? And whom are you building it with and for?"
  • March 8, 2017 - "That plan you had, some time back? Something is coming to meet it, so best you start getting prepared."
  • April 6, 2017 - "You can sit back and let someone else handle everything - but then you wouldn't be working with Prince energy, would you?"
What interests me next is the card positioning in each. In January, the Prince of Disks was in the right-hand position, ending things off and/or looking towards the action; in the next three readings he was in the left-hand position, looking away or back. Today, he has returned to his right-hand position - both Princes (January and now) as two cosmic book-ends with an adventure or two between them. The Prince of Disks as that disciplined, reliable, meticulous aspect of you has been very active over the past months. You may not know it: it could be that you've felt anything but Prince-of-Disk-y. No matter. He's been working either at the forefront of your awareness or behind the scenes. He's been the strategist, the draftsman, and the driver; he has been the one who has seen it through, both as planner and as project manager. He has been guiding you from within. And here, now, what the Prince is looking at is the Ten of Disks. "Wealth," yes - but also "fruition." It is time to reap, to call in, to tally the numbers, and then, finally, to close the ledger on an investment that has matured. Whether that payout is grand or it's modest; whether it's monetary or in the form of experience or some other kind of gain - this is it. And if you haven't been aware of him? Perhaps you have limited your ideas of what the Prince of Disks is, to the exclusion of your own capabilities. Maybe you need to widen that definition until you find him there in you. Just a suggestion. Because if you can't feel him, it doesn't mean he's absent. We are every court card. Some are simply more recognisable and accessible than others. But more about this reading interests me. Because when I look at the Prince of Disks looking at the Ten of Disks - his baby - what I actually see is that he is simultaneously looking through, or past, it and towards the card on the left, The Magus. What's this about, eh? Well ~ That light that sits in the Prince's crown - an inspirational spark - is present in the Ten of Disks, but as a more diffuse light in the background, acting as a canvas to the riches in the foreground. But this light is also present in The Magus, and this is the key. The Magus as a major arcana card is often more difficult to detect moving through us. As a Soul archetype, he can be paradoxically present but tantalisingly out of reach. Unlike a court card, The Magus is not an aspect of our personality. He is not the boat that we sail in. He is the ocean. He is closer to source than the Prince, and you, will ever know. That is whom the Prince is looking at when he believes he's looking at the Ten of Disks. Because he is looking with different eyes; the eyes of in(ner)sight. At the heart of it all, The Magus is the master alchemist. He makes magic from the raw materials of life. Mercurial in nature, he is quicksilver-fast, with lightning responses, a sharp tongue, and the kind of sleight-of-hand that puts street magicians to shame. Because, at his best, he is fashioning the world from the vantage point of the Soul. The light is brightest and sharpest at source - The Magus - and then slightly more diffuse at that source's conduit - the Prince of Disks - and finally diffused at the end-product, or the creation - the Ten of Disks. You, as the Prince of Disks, have been in partnership with the archetype of The Magus all along. Together, you have brought the Ten of Disks into form. But the real "wealth" might not be where you first look. Yes, for sure, you may experience the kind of tangible gains that have an immediacy to them. They are yours; you've earned them. Now, though, it is time to notice what is less obvious, and it comes in the form of a key. This could be literal, but probably it is not. So let me try and clarify: all of this is getting cashed in - everything you've been working for. But that's not really it. Not when it comes to matters of the Soul. What you have been doing is not only an act of creation, but an act of distillation, where the final product is something that unlocks another door. A new door. What have you got that you might not realise you're carrying? What apparent by-product is actually a world unto itself? Where do you have a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of ideas, or a resource that you can't put in a ledger? If you're not sure, for some reason I want to call you back to The Magus himself. Today, his expression seemed different to any other time I've seen him. I know this is subjective; but I'm also trusting in the basic interconnectedness of all things, and I invite you simply to look at him. What is The Magus telling you about what he is bringing through you? What you can take hold of in the form of a key? Astrology Correspondences: The Magus (Mercury), Ten of Disks (Mercury in Virgo), Prince of Disks (the airy aspect of earth)

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