The Tarotcast - July 6, 2017
Three of Cups, The Fool, Knight of Cups from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

Caught between the known and the unknown, an adventure calls.

What makes you come alive? What is it in your life that enables you to feel like the feeling that's evoked by the card on the left, the Three of Cups? I invite you to look carefully at the Three of Cups. It may seem abstract to start with, but this is not a card for your mind to analyse. It is a card to which you respond with your heart. What images come to mind when you feel what you feel? What is the story of the three cups - first the two towards the front, at the top of the waterfall, then the third a little way behind? The two are decorated in the swirls I associate with the marbled endpapers of a hand-bound book. They are as book-ends to a yet-to-be-written venture into the heart of what it means to belong as a part of something bigger than simply you alone. Where is it that you are simultaneously held in the flow, and part of that flow, and also holding the potential for something else to enter from that flow? The Three of Cups next to The Fool in this reading makes for an interesting juxtaposition that emphasises this particular tale. Side-by-side, I see the waterfall in the Three of Cups mirrored in the division between the two halves of The Fool's visage, making two distinct parts of his face even more distinct. It is the face of interdependence and the co-existence of opposites. It is the face of identity and what identity means to you - first, within yourself; second, in your connection to what lies outside of you; third, in your interconnection with others. Perhaps it is these differences (in The Fool), which are there in their balanced perfection as mirrored by the two cups in the Three of Cups, that open the way to that third cup - the one that holds space for what is yet to emerge, and the one through which another step on The Fool's Journey can emerge. Where can you seek to explore and express your own identity while being witnessed and held by the foundations you've already built within you and with those significant others beside you? Because what is coming into focus is a particularly intense and intent presence in the form of the final card on the right, the Knight of Cups. The Knight of Cups, in his highest expression, is the active, yang principle of the heart. He may be a part of you that you know or are yet to acknowledge and embrace. He may be someone else that you know or are yet to acknowledge and embrace - though he will still be mirroring an aspect of you back to you. When he arrives, he will be a familiar, a familiar stranger, or strangely familiar. His arrival will prompt you to deal with what love means to you - and, by this, I am referring not just to an understanding of love (no, no, the Knight will not let you get away with this, not this time!), but a devotion to the expression of love as it is felt in connection to something more than just you. The Knight asks you to get disciplined about commitment to the feeling body, because that's who he is: unquestioned commitment to the depths of feeling and how that is lived out in the world. So, Fool, your adventure beckons, and you already have some idea of the form of an encounter that it will bring you. This encounter may be in your outer life, or it may be in a dream and with an aspect of yourself that seeks communion. Don't dismiss either of these, or necessarily favour one over the other. Love comes in many guises on the road of what brings you back to yourself. Whether you embrace it or dismiss it, or whether the adventure is in the world or in the hidden planes of your psyche, there are two things that feel clear to me when I look at these cards: One: you have support, and part of this relies on your own contribution and presence in a balanced union (which doesn't need to involve two people, by the way) And, two: the Knight's arrival throws the focus on and brings meaning to the voyage into the unknown suggested by The Fool, which is currently just taking shape. In this moment, you'll start to have a much clearer idea of what it's all about. Astrology Correspondences: Three of Cups (Mercury in Cancer), The Fool (Uranus), Knight of Cups (the fiery aspect of water)

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