The Tarotcast - July 31, 2017
Ace of Disks, The Devil, The Wheel of Fortune from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

This week, what strikes me first when I look at the three cards in front of me is that they are very much in sync visually.

Even The Devil is playing ball, which suggests that there may be a readiness to come face-to-face with what The Devil represents in the reading - particularly given that, as the card at the centre, it is also the focal point of the Tarotcast. The Devil is looking at you; you are looking at The Devil, and the cards on either side are corresponding with The Devil and with each other in colour and in form. This is useful, because there are no minor arcana cards that pin the two soul-based archetypes (The Devil and The Wheel of Fortune) into the day-to-day. In other words, to use a painting metaphor, there are no minors that act as brush-strokes to give physical form and expression to the pure colours of the majors, which exist outside of time and space. Yes, granted, there's a minor in the form of the Ace of Disks - but Aces are exceptional because they are non-incarnate. They represent the limitless potential of their suits; they are the essence of the suit's quality. So we have a reading that may well be playing out somewhat beyond reach of your five senses - at a remove. You may have to examine your dreams a little more, or your intuitive sense of things, or adopt a hypothetical approach to the area in your life that they are highlighting. You may have to read between the lines, check out your hunches, and look for reflections from other people, places, and things. Hence my observation: "Thank goodness they work well together." That being said, what might these three cards together suggest is happening? Answer: your resistance to bringing something into being, and the choice that you have to bring it through anyway by looking at the source of your resistance. This, in turn, creates change. Which, of course, may be another reason to resist it. But we are dealing with major arcana cards here. Resistance, to a point, is futile, inasmuch as they will have their expression in the same way that we cannot hold back the ocean. The nature of that expression will be dictated by the extent to which you can invite them in. Close the front door, and they'll try the back door. Batten down the hatches, and they will pick the entire house up and carry it with them - Wizard-of-Oz-tornado-stylee. So what, specifically, are you resisting? What will confront you if you reach for a dream and build something in your world? What will you meet with if you choose to manifest a potential that you're looking at - currently from afar, though it is becoming increasingly possible?

What is it about that vision becoming a possibility that also holds in it something that makes you uneasy because its arrival suggests having to contend with something that, until now, you've niftily avoided looking at or conversing with face-to-face?

The Devil is what we have placed in the shadows - it is what we deny or refuse to acknowledge in ourselves. It is often associated with what feels shameful, with guilt, with sexuality, with passion that is dangerous, with an uprising of libido that threatens to take the world along with it. It is also the place where dreams go to die. But not this dream, perhaps? This dream has been calling from afar for some time now. It is getting closer. Too close for comfort? The Devil is inviting you to feel uncomfortable, and then to explore that feeling for what lies underneath it. The Devil at his essence holds the key to liberation - and it's a key that could work well with the key of the Ace of Disks, which unlocks something in your physical realm. This plan, baby - it might just work! And then you gasp with the horror of dawning realisation: "ARRRRGH! My plan might just work!" Notice where there is ambivalence that seems to defy what you thought you'd feel. Notice your resistance and a tendency to dig your heels in when it comes to something you've aspired to achieve. Where do you police yourself? And can you instead surrender to what is looking out at you from the darkness, as scary as it is to look into the eyes of that stranger that feels so damn familiar? You might just find that this devil ... is Oz after all: Something of far less consequence, but in whose discovery you find the power to do what it is that you came here to do all along. Astrology Correspondences: Ace of Disks (the pure, limitless potential of earth), The Devil (Capricorn), The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)

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