The Tarotcast - July 24, 2017
Queen of Cups, Queen of Swords, Two of Swords from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

She is still here. She is still asking for your attention somewhere in your life. This time, with a different emphasis.

So. The Queen of Swords is not done with you yet, it seems. Last week, she was at the centre of the reading. This week is no different: centre again, as she is centre-stage in your inner life - the one that is governed by attitude, personality, and how you approach things. But this time, she is not alone. Another Queen - the Queen of Cups - is with her in some kind of partnership, albeit temporary (Two of Swords). Last week, I wrote:

"ow is not the time to wrest anything out into the open - even if you could. (You may not even be sure, yourself, what it is that's emerging.) ...

Perhaps you’ve become so used to protecting yourself with your sharp mind and your keen wit that you have forgotten that you are also a feeling creature, fashioned from and fed by what is more fluid than a shield or a barrier. These are the waters of transformation, and today they are calling to you."

The Queen of Cups, sitting this week to the left of the Queen of Swords, made an appearance in the Tarotcast just over three weeks ago, on June 29. Queens correspond to the element of water, and Cups are water - so the Queen of Cups is known as "water of water." The Queen of Swords, on the other hand, is "water of air." This means something specific in terms of what is active in your own psyche, and available to your awareness if you have the time to notice it: Little by little, what is being admitted to the mind, is water: your feelings. The Queen of Swords in this reading is about the ability to be vulnerable - and to do that means to admit (to let in) what is irrational and overwhelming: nothing less than the ocean, which is the Queen of Cups. To the Queen of Swords part of you, the Queen of Cups inhabits a sea of feelings that swells up from what is beyond reach, laps at your consciousness, and at times has the ability to lift and move you so that you are carried on its currents. When this sea is calm, it can feel like it is holding you in ecstasy. When it is not calm (and it can move forcefully), it can feel like you are being taken by a tsunami. You might even dream of tsunamis. Your tears - whether they flow freely, or they are suppressed - are the physical reminders of its presence. But a tsunami doesn't have to sweep you away. In fact, the idea of a tsunami is simply the mind's response to strong emotion: to the mind, anything that is not it is a threat to its existence. A tsunami evokes an image of a force that takes everything in its path, with nothing to hold on to. These are powerful feelings from the perspective of that part of you that has survived on thought, and analysis, and rationalisation. Here, the Queen of Swords says, "I think about my feelings; I feel on my terms." And the Queen of Cups says, "I am feeling." However, to try to dictate outright to water, is to move back into the realm of air - and this week the reading is suggesting that the key to the Queen of Swords' self-revelation is through finding a balance between both. In essence, the reading is reflecting the need for a balance between the Queen of Swords' default state of a mind-based approach to her feelings, and the Queen of Cups's natural habitat in what is not fully explainable through words or thought, and which is governed by the laws of perpetual motion. What the cards are reflecting to you with the appearance of the third card is the suggestion that there is an equilibrium that you can strike where these two states co-exist. The Two of Swords in this deck paints a specific picture - one that I rather love. Titled "Peace," its particular form of peace is to use the mind to shift from one place to another, illustrated by the hot air balloons. Usually, I assume that these balloons are moving away from us, and towards the horizon. Today, I'm not so sure, and I'm wondering what it feels like to imagine that they are emerging from the horizon - escapees from a craggy, inhospitable, cold mountain range, and into a more temperate environment. This environment has the warmer, brown tones of the Queen of Swords, the green hints of the Queen of Cups, and the blue hues from both. The Two of Swords is a synthesis, and it provides passage for both states in the cards as they arise in you. In other words, by finding a place within where you, as the Queen of Swords, can keep revealing yourself through the acknowledgement and allowing of the Queen of Cups, your mind is then able to lower its resistance to your feelings, and to give them safe passage. "Passage." This is a way through to somewhere else. This is not the destination. Those hot air balloons are in the air and travelling; they have not yet touched ground. But the air - the mind - is clear, and calm. The clouds near the horizon are not obstacles. And there is plenty of place to land (in yourself, in your life) without getting swamped, which still affords access to water (feelings) as an essential part of who you are and what sustains you. Without water, nothing in your inner landscape would be able to offer the kind of nourishment that enables you not merely to survive, but to thrive as well. Water is essential to life, as feelings are an integral part of growth and maturation. The Queens, who govern what is internal and receptive, are asking that you support both of them by giving both space - and by doing so, you become more fully formed, more rounded. More of who you are. When the mind runs the show, as it so often does, it hardens us into personae that we can hide behind in a world that is unforgiving to shows of the heart. When the mind steps alongside the heart, they are a balanced team, where what is felt is articulated, and where what is articulated is an authentic expression of those depths inside us. By bringing the Queen of Cups into the court of your awareness, you bring more of what you feel into your awareness too. Working co-operatively as a means to an end, the mind is able to let her in. The Two of Swords indicates that this is a process of give and take, one that recognises the inevitability of ebb and flow. If you need assistance brokering that accord, find it, ask for it, and invest in it. You are investing in yourself, and there is little else that can offer your life more value. Astrology Correspondences: Queen of Cups (the watery aspect of water), Queen of Swords (the watery aspect of air), Two of Swords (Moon in Libra)

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