The Tarotcast - July 14, 2017
Four of Wands, Queen of Swords, Death from The Röhrig Tarot deck, created by Carl-W. Röhrig © US Games, Inc.

Who do you become when you drop a pretence, stop hiding, start being yourself?

In this week's reading, the three cards suggest that you have reached a waypost on your quest - one that, like a checkpoint in a game, means you no longer need to go back and revisit a particular part of who you are - or, more fitting, who you once were. An identity that was holding you in a kind of death-grip falls away, a skin is shed. What lies behind is yet to be fully revealed, and the reading makes it clear that now is not the time to wrest anything out into the open - even if you could. (You may not even be sure, yourself, what it is that's emerging.) Right now, you have time - you need time - to see this process of metamorphosis through. Gently does it. It has its own pace and its own wisdom. You may be used to thinking your way out of things, but this process is not one that will wholly lend itself to analysis. By all means try to apply your mind to the problem. It will not be able to grasp fully what's going on. You see, you're in a bit of a dichotomy, Queen of Swords. Until now, you've relied on your sharp intellect and your keen wit to rule a particular part of your roost. Perhaps you've relied on them a little too much, so that they have become something with which you've become used to protecting yourself - a second skin? Perhaps you've become so used to protecting yourself with your sharp mind and your keen wit that you have forgotten that you are also a feeling creature, fashioned from and fed by what is more fluid than a shield or a barrier. These are the waters of transformation, and today they are calling to you. Can you remember them? Can you still feel your connection to them? They are reminding you that you no longer need something. This 'something' is a part of who you once considered yourself to be. It's not easy, I know, being a creature who is asked to transform, again and again. But the Queen of Swords knows this state well. It is who she is. She is the vessel through which the truth moves and emerges - and so she sets herself free, time and again. She is liberator and liberated. And so maybe you have something to express that is an act of self-definition. Maybe you have had to do it by degrees. It could be that it has been incremental because that's the way that the truth has revealed itself to you: not all at once, but in various guises, with first one layer of interference peeling away, and then another. What I see when I see the Queen of Swords with Death on the one side, and "Completion" on the other, is that a layer that is now peeling away marks a point of no return of some significance. There is no going back. Not that you would want to. You can't pretend anymore - not enough for a truth about who you are to remain hidden. You are on the cusp of rising out of the baptismal waters (the baptismal waters of fire?) and - well - you're going to be disinclined to put that mask on again; to play a role, to pretend, to be something that has felt safe but stifling. As you emerge, you can breathe - because it is you who is doing the breathing. You are no longer having to breathe through something you are not. You can inhale and exhale freely where you are without assistance. The fish out of water no longer needs its bubble of protection. You are amphibious, able to live in the air and to see and speak what is around you, and to dive into the sea of the unknown when your mind seeks a deeper truth. Know thyself. Be thyself. Know that there is no going back. Know that you don't yet know who you are becoming. Know that this is perfect. Astrology Correspondences: Four of Wands (Venus in Aries), Queen of Swords (the watery aspect of air), Death (Scorpio)

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