Tarot, Intuition, and Assuming Authority
There's a lot happening right now. It feels like time is on amphetamines and the drama levels have been turned up to 11.
emperor_rohrig_sm The Emperor from The Röhrig Tarot | © Carl-W. Röhrig
And that's not only in world events: there's change too in the lives of many people I interact with -- mine no exception. Relationships are shifting and changing -- while some are starting, many are falling away. There have been sudden shocks, lay-offs, and deaths. News seems at times designed to pull the rug out from under us. And just when we thought things couldn't get any more up close and personal, we're getting to contend with some of our most ingrained patterns -- the ones that play out time and again, and often just when we thought we'd laid them to rest. I was speaking to a friend on the phone last night, and we were discussing how it's not as easy to see ahead as clearly as we've been able to do in the past. An organising principle -- one we've been used to working for us behind-the-scenes -- seems to have stolen away in the night; any kind of intuitive link-in to what's coming up feels different. I've heard from a few sources that there doesn't appear to be much connection to intuition at all. We also discussed the possibility that all of these statements have at their heart a misperception. What feels true is that our connection to our own inner wisdom -- that behind-the-scenes organising principle -- has been rewired while we weren't looking. It's a bit like a software upgrade that kicked in in the background. All well and good -- but no-one sent us the bloody instruction manual! I've sometimes had the feeling recently that something is different, but I'm not sure what, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I know I'm not the only one feeling this. So if this is true, what do we do? Last night, these two things became clear:
  1. We are being asked to step up and start taking charge of this powerful tool we have. Up to now, I have a feeling that we were being parented through. Now we are the adults. No more looking to others so fully that we ignore, minimise, or give up our own abilities and resources.
  2. We are always getting just enough information to take the next step along our path. This can feel infuriating, sometimes frightening, if we're only getting information in increments and we're used to seeing a clear line of sight between where we are, and where we're going to be.
This also became clear: both of these come down and back to intuition. Every time. And intuition isn't something that only some of us have. We all have it. Which brings me back to tarot. I believe the reason why tarot is such a mystery for many people -- moreso than astrology, for example -- is because it asks for that much more of us in terms of our intuitive capabilities. Unlike astrology, there are no angles or aspects. There are no calculations. Most of all: whereas astrology is connected with visible planets that move in visible patterns, tarot connects us with the invisible archetypes and patterns that live inside each of us and inform every aspect of our lives. Tarot requires faith, and trust that we are connected with something that, while invisible, is both valid and useful. More: indispensible. Especially now with so much changing and uncertain. And I know tarot is both valid and useful. It is a reflection of you, of me, of life itself. I'd suggest that it's one of the most powerful tools of self-knowledge and -growth because it asks us to step into our self-belief and creativity in ways few other tools do. And it invites us to step into our bodies: because as soon as we attune to what our body is telling us, it can cue us in to whether something in the card rings true for us, or if something is asking for our attention because of a certain physical response it elicits in us. Powerful, powerful, powerful. There's a lot happening right now. Yeah, that's for sure. And there's so much more that each of us can bring to this. We are the instruction manuals -- and tarot is just one of the many ways we can access and read it. If you're interested in learning how to do this, consider a Tarot Reading. To connection, adventure, purpose. ~ Sarah