Intuition: What It Isn't, What It Is, And Why You Already Have It


What is it?
high_priestess_rohrig The High Priestess from The Röhrig Tarot by Carl-W. Röhrig
According to the Oracle of Google, "intuition" is defined as "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning." So it's a knowing that comes before thought or speech. We place so much emphasis on thought and speech that we tend to elevate intuition to something that is beyond-ordinary, extra-sensory. I was the same, and I wanted to believe that intuition was a gift that some of us were born with - divinely given, if you will. Something that made some of us 'special' - bestowed, as we were, with a glittery wave of a magical wand.

Today, I don't believe it is.

I think the explanation is far more mundane, even while I still believe that the results feel just as magical. From my perspective today, I was gifted the power of intuition not by a fairy godmother, but by my parents. They did not know they were gifting that to me; I did not see the gift for a long time. But it was a gift.
  • The gift of hypersensitivity
  • The gift of reading between the lines
  • The gift of a finely, finely tuned anticipation of action and response
  • The sensing of emotions buried deep under the surface
  • The knowing when those emotions would erupt
  • The proficiency to attune to someone's inner workings - so proficient that they weren't aware of the process
I was a child with myriad strands reaching into my family life and gauging the barometric pressure of what was going on. Why? Because, to little me, my life depended on it. To my young self, it was the distinction between control and the complete loss of it. And to that young self, a loss of control meant no parents, and therefore no life. I didn't realise it until I was older, but my intuition was shit-hot. As was, and is, the intuition of my siblings, even while all of our experiences were somewhat different. When I hit my forties, I was able, finally, to recognise my intuition and to connect it to my childhood. What I had thought was magical was lowered into the everyday. And thank goodness for that. Because it really isn't that extraordinary after all. The "everyday" aspect of it holds a universal truth: we ALL have it. Some of us may have started to exercise it earlier out of necessity, but it's a 'muscle' we all have. And we can start exercising it whenever we want to. We ALL have the capacity to be intuitive. We ALL have the ability to read between the lines, to sense what's going on behind-the-scenes, to detect those changes in psychic barometric pressure. All of us. No exceptions. No - not even you.

Yes, you are intuitive.

But you've got to get on that treadmill to find and build that muscle. You have to learn to discard the voice that tells you you can't do it, and to trust that embodied response that tells you (much more quietly, but with far more presence) that you can. You are intuitive. Whether you came here through the understanding that your life depended on it, or whether you come here through the belief that life will reveal it to you - you are intuitive. No-one is more special than someone else. No-one is left behind. *Everyone* has the right to participate. It's all a matter of trust. And practice.