A Message To Readers New & Experienced

A Message To Readers, New & Experienced

Dear Tarot Reader,

To those of you who think there is some kind of hidden secret to tarot - or a formula - that you haven't yet worked out; that there is a way of learning tarot that will turn you into a professional sooner than the way you're doing it now; or there is a way that will initiate you into the "tarot cognoscenti" so that you will have finally made it.

To those of you who think any or all of the above: some of you will be correct - there will be an existing way for you that works beautifully; you'll hit on something that is perfect for you.

BUT ...

There will also be those of you who think that because you don't know these ways, and you've not experienced these ways, and you have no idea how to experience these ways - that, somehow, you're doing something wrong, and you're missing out.

I don't believe this is true at all.

As a tarot reader who has not followed any particular path, I want to tell you this:

  • If no existing path feels right to you, then make your own path.
  • Know that you will not know for long periods of time.
  • Know that you will doubt yourself.
  • Know that you will feel like you don't match up to the highly organised, highly disciplined tarot readers who approach their craft methodically. They are not wrong. But neither are you.

But in a world where 'methodical' and 'learned' are prized, a wholly intuitive and personal approach to tarot is not only ignored, but often dismissed outright.

So if you are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants tarot-reader, then my invitation to you is to embrace that as equally legitimate.
You don't need to know Kaballah, or Qabalah, or Numerology, or Astrology, or Hermeticism, or favour the Marseille, or combine your readings with the iChing or runes.

You, as a reader, in whatever style you read, are enough as you are - when you follow your own inner voice.

Note: when you follow your own inner voice.

This, more than anything, is what is important. And your inner voice may take you down a more familiar route, or a new one, where you feel like a lone voice in the desert. Either way, if you're following your voice (and no-one else's) then you are reading tarot.

Learn your own language first before you feel obligated to learn someone else's.